"Something To Crow About"  Lancaster PA 

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“Something To Crow About” celebrates the return of the migrating Crows to Lancaster PA each winter.

The annual event is comprised of Arts, Education, and Community tie-ins with “Crows” as the theme.

Events and activities take place Jan/Feb throughout Lancaster PA.

Something To Crow About 2017 Caw for Artists, Writers, Musicians...


Got CROW ART? Lancaster’s “All-Crow” Art Show is held mid-Jan to mid-Feb 2017. Professional, Amateur, Student artists welcome. Manheim Township Public Library will again host the main exhibit. For consideration send jpgs of your artwork by Dec. 2, 2016 to: SomethingToCrow@gmail.com


Do you have an original song/songs referencing crows, ravens, blackbirds? Then take part in Something To Crow About's Songs About Crows Contest. Who knows the winning song just might end up on a soundtrack for an upcoming film. And a chance for you to perform it live.


Join us for a Crow Haiku contest, Crow Poetry Slam, and "I've Got a Crow Story To Tell" contest. Submit you crow Odes for consideration by Dec. 2, 2016. Send to: SomethingToCrow@gmail.com.


What makes YOUR BUSINESS something to crow about? What do you do better than anyone else? Create or spotlight a product/service that shows people what you do best. Look for a way to tie it in with crows, ravens, blackbirds etc."Something To Crow About" events and activities take place Jan thru Feb each year. For more info: SomethingToCrow@gmail.com

Lancaster's "All-Crow" Community Art Show Jan 15-Feb 19, 2016

Lancaster's annual "All-Crow" Art Show featured crow art at both Manheim Township Public Library and Friendship Heart Gallery. Congratulations to all the artists. Your work is Something To Crow About! 

"Best in Crow"

Artists earning Something To Crow About's "BEST IN CROW" include Deborah Diana - "Crow-caphogus" (left), Lindsey Pei - Mechanical Crow (middle), and Sydney Herr - "The Raven" (HS Student Show)

Crow-d Favorites from Lancaster's "All-Crow" High School Student Art Show

(below left to right) Adam Hawbaker (Donegal HS) The Raven;  Izaiah Albino (McCaskey) - Dancing Crow; Nicol Tejada (McCaskey) - Bad Crow Hair Day;  Nhat Nguyen (Manheim Twp HS) - Ceremic crow-themed chest; Julysa Arzola (McCaskey HS) - Crow as Keeper of Time

North Museum earned a "Best In Crow" for their "Wall of Crow" and mounted Corvid display case. The museum also hosted a workshop by Lancaster Crow Coalition and an Avian art show by Deb Diana.

A BIG THANK YOU to As the Crow Flies, Rosa Rosa Pizzeria, Isaac's, Rachel's Cafe and Creperie,  and The Art Store Inc. for sponsoring Lancaster's 2nd annual "All-Crow" Art Show. You guys are something to crow about!

A Bird's-Eye View of Something To Crow About 2016 Events...

Something To Crow About” 2016   Lancaster PA

January 2016

Jan: Friendship Heart Gallery, 118 N Water St #101, Lancaster, PA 17603/Tibetan Crows and other works of crow art created by gallery artists as part of a migration-themed exhibit (Free)

Jan 8: Jack Hubley spotlights the Crow on his “Wild Moment” TV show on WGAL-8 5:30pm News

Jan 9: Lancaster Crow Coalition’s Laurie Fuller presents “The Secret Lives of Lancaster’s American Crows” lecture at Manheim Township Public Library, 595 Granite Run Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601 (1-2pm) Free

Jan 15: Lancaster County’s 2nd annual “All-Crow” Community Art Show opens at Manheim Township Public Library Gallery. Crow-themed artwork from professional and amateur artists. Plus art from 3 area High Schools and residents of Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center (5:30-8pm) Free

Jan 16: “Bad Blackbird Ball and Masquerade” with AC/DC tribute band “Back in Black” at Village Nightclub, 205 N Christian St, Lancaster, PA 17602 (9:30pm) $8 admission. Free if you wear a crow mask.

Jan 27: Crow Haiku poetry contest winners announced

February 2016

Feb: Friendship Heart Gallery Migration-themed exhibit continues with Tibetan crows and other crow art (Free)

Feb: Lancaster County’s 2nd annual “All-Crow” Art Show continues at Manheim Township Public Library

Feb 5: North Museum's "Family Friday After Hours", 400 College Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603/Spotlighting Crows and Ravens (and some rare albino crows) from the museum’s extensive bird collection, plus hands on crow activities, and an avian art exhibit by Deborah Diana (5-8:30pm) $5. Free with Member ID.

Feb 6: Lancaster County Parks Naturalist Lisa Sanchez presents “The Amazing Crow” Walk and Talk at the Environmental Center, 1 Natures Way, Lancaster, PA 17602 (10-11am) $1

Feb 13: A reading of the play “Crow-drophenia”- A Story of Teenage Crow Angst (location tba)

Feb 19: “Farewell to Crows Party” at Manheim Twp Pub Library Art Gallery, 595 Granite Run Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601. Last chance to view crow art, meet the artists, art raffle, “I’ve Got a Crow Story to Tell” winners, “Something To Crow About” awards, plus crow-themed foods and drinks (5-8:30pm) Free

Additional Community Partners featuring Crow-themed specials

- Wild Man Jack Hubley spotlights the Crow on his “Wild Moment” TV show on WGAL-8 News

- Rachel's Café and Creperie, Lancaster (Home of the Blackbird Crepe)

- Spyro Gyros, Lancaster ($5 Crazy Crow Gyro)

- Rosa Rosa Pizzaria, Lancaster (Blackbird Pie)

- Lititz Family Cupboard Restaurant, Lititz (Chicken Crow-quettes)

- As The Crow Flies, Mount Joy (Crow Primitives)

- Mr. Suit Records, Lancaster (“Something To Crow About” music specials)


Educational Opportunities

Jan 8: Jack Hubley spotlights the Crow on his "Wild Moment" show on WGAL TV-8 5:30pm News

Jan 9: Lancaster Crow Coalition's Laurie Fuller presents "The Secret Lives of Lancaster's American Crows" at Manheim Twp Public Library (1-2pm) Free

Feb 5: North Museum "Family Friday Night Out" - Corvid display, presentation by Lancaster Crow Coalition, and an Avian Art exhibit by Deb Diana. Learn about crow intelliegence, help create a Wall of Crows, and crow take home art project (5-8pm) $5. Free with Member ID.

Feb 6: Lancaster County Park "The Amazing Crow." Naturalist Lisa Sanchez leads a Crow Walk and Talk at the Environmental Center (10-11am) $1

Feb 19: "Farewell To Crows" Party at Manheim Twp Public Library (5:30-8:30pm) Last chance to view crow art. and meet the artists. "I've Got a Crow Story," Crow Trivia, "Something To Crow About" honors, plus Crow-themed foods/drinks, Free

Entertainment Lancaster's Kathy Daminger Crows About Something To Crow About's annual "All-Crow" Art Show


"Family Friday After Hours" 

February 5, 2016, 5:00–8:30pm

See Crows and Ravens from the museum's extensive bird collections. Take part in hands-on Crow activities. Add your own crow to fill a wall with a migrating flock of crows. Join avian artist Deborah Diana and help create a large quill and paper crow art piece for Museum display. And check out Artist Gallery Opening event featuring Deborah Diana's collection of avian artwork.  admission is free with Museum Membership ID. Non-Members: $5.00. 400 College Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603 (717) 291-3941

"The Amazing Crow" Lancaster County Parks Environmental Center Feb 6

Do you feel as if crows are taking over Lancaster County?  Don’t get mad - learn about them! Join Naturalist Lisa Sanchez for a Crow walk and talk, and learn more about "The Amazing Crow." She'll discuss its life cycle, behaviors, diet, distribution and other surprising and interesting facts.  Lancaster County Park Environmental Center, Feb 6, 2016, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. $1.

Friendship Heart Gallery Has Big Heart for Crows

When the crows migrate to Lancaster this winter, they'll feel right at home in a "migration-themed" art exhibit. Not to miss: the colorful Tibetan Crow creations - an arts collaboration between Tibetan craftsman and Lancaster artists. Through Feb 2016. 118 N Water St #101, Lancaster, PA 17603

The Crows have landed! Friendship Heart Gallery artists created a flock of colorful Crows. Jan-Feb 2016.

Spyro Gyros Features $5 "Crazy Crow Gyro"

Sometimes you just get hungry for a good gyro. And the place to go for a great gyro in Lancaster is Spyro Gyros, 241 N. Queen St. For "Something To Crow About" 2016 they are offering a limited edition $5 Crazy Crow Gyro! A mad mix of chicken and beef, the Crazy Crow Gyro...is the only way to go.

Manheim Township Public Library is "Something To Crow About" Jan/Feb 2016

The Library hosts multiple "Something To Crow About" 2016 events: 

Jan 9: Lancaster Crow Coalition. Learn about Lancaster's part-time visitors, why crows choose to migrate to Lancaster, and why crows are in many ways, like humans.

Jan 15-Feb 19: Lancaster's 2nd Annual All-Crow Art Show featuring amazing crow art from professional, student, and amateur artists. 5:30-8pm.

Jan 26:  Poems, puppets, fables, and fun with a special focus on our feathered friends!

Feb 19: "Farewell To Crows" Party. "Something To Crow About 2016" awards, last chance to view crow art, crow-themed food/drinks, trivia. 5:30-8:30pm. 

Colorful Crows Flying In

Judy Smith (above), Mimi Shapiro, Deborah Diana, and Lyndsay Hoke are among many local artists taking part in Lancaster's 2nd annual "All-Crow" Art show. The 2016 crow exhibit is held at Manheim Twp Public Library Gallery, Jan 15-Feb 19.

* No Crows were harmed in the creation of "Something To Crow About" events and activities.

Lancaster Businesses Show They Are "Something To Crow About"

Try themed Specials...

*Rosa Rosa Pizzaria, Lancaster - "Blackbird Pie"

*Spyro Gyro's, Lancaster - "$5 Crazy Crow Gyro"

*Rachel's Cafe & Creperie, Lancaster - "Blackbird Crepe"

*Lititz Family Cupboard Restaurant & Buffet, Lititz - "Chicken Crow-quettes"

*As The Crow Flies, Mount Joy - "Crow Primitives"

*Mr. Suit Records, Lancaster - “Something To Crow About” music specials

Crepes for Crows

Rachel's Cafe & Creperie is a cool, crow-friendly cafe in Downtown Lancaster. Last year they featured a "Blackbird Crepe." According to Rachel, the Blackbird was so popular, they added it to the regular menu! Crepes for any occasion, Rachel's also serves up soups, smoothies, coffees, desserts, and did we say Blackbird Crepes? Visit them at 201 W Walnut St, Lancaster, PA.

Rosa Rosa Pizzeria, home of the "Blackbird Pie," is creating a "Blackbird Pie" for "Something To Crow About" 2016. The Pizzeria at 1040 Harrisburg Pike has been a landmark in Lancaster for over 20 years. Best known for their brick oven and "by the slice" pizzas, Rosa Rosa also offers traditional Italian dinners, cheesesteaks, subs, strombolis, and full bar. So why not stop by Jan-Feb, and like Jack Horner, sit in the corner and eat yer blackbird pie...

"Something To Crow About" Music

Mr Suit Records118 W Chestnut St. in Lancaster, is your place to find that vinyl. With new vinyl coming in each week, and used vinyl daily, chances are good you can score "something to crow about." Can't make it in? Try Mr. Suit on Facebook or Instagram and order online.

Now where did he learn that?

"Wild Man" Jack Hubley Talks Crow on WGAL-8, "Wild Moment" Jan 8, 5:30pm News

Jack Hubley spotlights the Crow on his TV show on WGAL-8 News at 5:30pm, Jan 8, 2016. 

Known for his wild wit - as well as wild wisdom - Hubley has hosted nationally syndicated TV nature shows, served as Outdoors Editor for the Lancaster Sunday News, and is a favorite nature program lecturer. 

Hubley is also a master falconer. "Although I've been a falconer for nearly 30 years, I must admit, grudgingly, that crows are a lot smarter than hawks!" he said.

Lancaster Crow Coalition - the region's go-to authority on Crows - presents "The Secret Life of Lancaster's American Crow," Jan 9, 2016, 1-2pm. The free presentation is held at the Manheim Twp Public Library. Here's your chance to learn about crows. And find out why more and more people are saying "Crows are Cool!"

Corvus Corax the maddest medieval German band ever! Here's hoping they visit USA again soon. Hey Renn faire!

Your Home For All Things Crow

As The Crow Flies, a cool Crow-themed Primitives Boutique in Mount Joy PA, is sponsoring Lancaster's 2nd annual "All-Crow Art Show." Nominated "Best In Crow" among businesses in 2015, the crow-centric shoppe on Main Street in Mount Joy is just minutes from York, Lancaster, or Harrisburg - as the crow flies.

Deborah Diana Avian Art at North Museum

Deborah Diana will exhibit her avian art collection at the North museum Jan-March 2016. Known outside the region for her Avian and Butterfly artwork, Diana is now being recognized here in Lancaster for her talents. Diana's crow artwork was voted  "Best in Crow" in Lancaster's 2015 "All-Crow" Invitational Art Show.

Chicken Crow-quettes Worth the Flight

When we heard they made chicken croquettes just like mom’s, served on a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes lathered in gravy, and served with 2 side dishes, well we flew straight over. And we can tell you this: the Lititz Family Cupboard Restaurant, Buffet, and Bakery at 12 West Newport Road, Lititz, PA is worth the flight.

Tibetan Crows Migrate to Lancaster

The Crows - who began life as crude white muslin creatures created by Tibetan craftsman - have been reincarnated by Lancaster artists into colorful works of art. Jen Carter (Team Crow South Lancaster) used to work with Tibetan craftsman. She donated some of the Tibetan birdies to Lancaster artists -  to see what might happen. And what happened are crows of a different color. A big thanks to  Jen Carter for making this colorful cross-cultural crow collaboration possible. See them at Friendship Heart Gallery and Manheim Township Library Jan-Feb 2016.

Something To Crow About 2016 Crow Haiku Contest


today they fly high

    do crows know snow is coming?

the tea kettle sings

                         - Aggie Agnostia

Crows and geese share fields

behind the shopping mall,

snow begins to fall.

                  - Edgar Alan Crow

during the blizzard

    the muffled caw of a crow

        but no crow

             - Heidi Gonzales-Smith

the season's first snow

crow sees all from his tall tree,

couple next door fights

             - Steve Benjamin

both winter and spring

fight over purple crow-cus

in the melting snow.

                     - Edgar Alan Crow

I am black as night

You said hello and fed me

I'll remember you.

                    - Richard Bradford

after the blizzard

a full moon buries the dead


                    - Edgar Alan Crow

one two three four five

six seven! crows chase a hawk

into sycamores

                          - Regis Baster

"Something To Crow About" 2016 Honors

"Something To Crow About 2016" Honors (ARTISTS)

"Best in Crow" - Deborah Diana "Crow-cophagus" (Zentangle); Lindsey Pei mechanical "Tibetan Crow"

"Best in Crow" (Student Show) - Sydney Herr, Donegal HS, "The Raven" (mixed media)

“Flights of Fancy” –  Alice Schwader; Camela Moser; Paige Baxter; Mimi Shapiro; Victoria Rodelo

“Feather in the Cap” – Mimi Shapiro; Judy Smith; Robert Haldeman; Lyndsay Hoke; Kelly Rapp; Ben Leech; Kesse Humphreys

“Tails of Mystery and Migration” – Friendship Heart Gallery artists for Tibetan Crow Mobile and cool crow art; North Museum

for their cut-out crow "migrating walls," Avian Art exhibit, and Science crow presentations

"All-Crow" (Student Show) - Nicol Tejada, Julysa Arzola, Izaiah Albino (McCaskey HS); Adam Hawbaker (Donegal HS); Nhat Nguyen (Manheim Township HS)

"Feather In the Cap" (Student Show) - Lysha Mendez, Alize Cortez, Tirzah  Terry, Kairy Sanchez, Aidan Rhodes, Dahilea Espinoza, Denyson Perez, Katrina Keebler, Azilys Velazquez, Francis Battagtia, Rachel Keener, Ashley Honzalez, Mab Ulrich-Neureuter, Jessica Weber

"Something To Crow About" 2015 Honors (EDUCATORS)

"Best in Crow" - Lancaster Crow Coalition; North Museum; Manheim Twp Public Library 

“Feather in the Cap” - Jack Hubley "Wild Moment" WGAL-TV-8; Lancaster County Parks and Recreation 

“Crow to the Head of the Class” - Art Teachers: Nichole Marsh (Donegal HS), Lisa Wolf (JP McCaskey HS), Dave Bear (Manheim Twp Public HS), Deb Diana (STCA Educational Outreach)

"Something To Crow About" 2015 Honors (BUSINESSES/ORGANIZATIONS)

"Best In Crow" -  Manheim Twp Public Library; Friendship Heart Gallery; Rachel’s Café and Creperie (“Blackbird Crepe”); Rosa Rosa Pizzaria (Blackbird Pie); Spyro Gyros ($5 Crazy Crow Gyro); As the Crow Flies (Crow Primitives) 

"Feather In The Cap" - Lititz Family Cupboard Restaurant (Chicken Crow-quettes); Isaac's (Art Show sponsor); The Art Store Inc, (Art Show sponsor); Village Niteclub (Bad Blackbird Ball); Mr. Suit Records (Something To Crow About specials)


Thank you to everyone who took part in this year's events and activities. 
Join the flock. Let us know what makes YOU something to crow about!